Psychodillo Home

Psycho - (Greek psychE) - soul, life, breath, (from psychein) - to breathe.
Dillo - (Greek dEloun) to show, to make visible, (from dElos) evident.

Good vibes music for the discerning listener.  Is it Bluegrass, Rock, Folk, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Psychedelic, or what?  Well, the answer is... Yes.  Or more appropriately, it's a musical gumbo made up from all of those genres, plus a few others just for spice.  One might call that Americana, & that's fine with us... if you like Americana, but if you don't like Americana, then it's definitely not Americana. ;)  Why don't you give it a listen & decide for yourself?

Primarily a songwriter, Psychodillo creates Post-Modern Music with respect for tradition but an eye towards the future.  Lyrics take a journey through a few seasons of life... joy, pain, redemption, genuine, earthy, imperfect, & beautiful.  The concentration is the song, but adding in his impeccable guitar work culminates in a combination guaranteed to put a smile on your face, touch your heart, ignite your imagination, soothe your soul, & get you out of your chair to shake it.  Stop shaking your chair!  That's not what we meant & you know it.  We meant dancing, of course.  Please put the chair down before someone gets hurt.

We invite you to listen to a few tracks available on the music page of this site.  If you like what you hear, please purchase something to show your support, & come on out to some live shows.

Live Shows are where songs get stretched out with improvisation, taking chances, seeing where we end up, providing an opportunity for magic.  In addition to the songs available on CD, you'll get to hear new songs, old songs, covers, & instrumentals.  It's a very different experience from listening to a formal release on CD or download.  We encourage you to experience both, as often as possible.

Be sure to check out River Life, a 2012 release of mostly Bluegrass, featuring special guests Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth & The Contribution) on Fiddle & Erik Yates (Hot Buttered Rum) on Banjo & Dobro.